How do I host a game of Rhythm Bingo?
Rhythm Bingo is an online class game for music students.
Players match the rhythms on their cards with the "called" rhythms.
1 Teacher: Go to Bingo. It's under tools on the homepage.
2 Teacher: Press Host a Game to create a game.
3 Teacher: Give the code to your students.
Tip: If you want to test it yourself, open a new tab or window and pretend to be a student.
4 Students: Open Bingo, enter the code, press Go.
Note: You can host up to 20 students per game. Upgrade to Pro for more.
5 Students: Wait for the game to start.
6 Teacher: Wait for all your students to join, then press Start.
7 Students: When a note/sound appears, press one matching box on your card.
Note: the top line tells you what to collect. Either a single row, or all the rows.
8 Students: When you have a full row, press Bingo.
Note: if the top line says collect everything, then you need all four rows.
9 Teacher: Press Clear if you want to play again.
10 All done!
Teacher: To make it more challenging, press Setup for more rhythms and instruments.