Working with Quizzes
Learn how to create and modify simple music theory Quizzes.
Guide 1 Create a Quiz
1 Log In as a teacher.
2 Go to Quizzes.
From the home page it's under Teacher Support.
3 Select 'Add a Quiz'
4 All done!
You now have a draft quiz, and you are editing the quiz.
Each question of the quiz goes on a Page. You're on Page 1, which has some basic content added for you.
Guide 2 Change the Quiz name
1 Press the name Edit button
2 Enter a name, then press the tick
3 All done!
Guide 3 Modify question text
Each Page of the quiz contains a question at the top, and answers below.
1 Press Edit on the question text
2 Enter some content and press the Tick
3 All done!
Guide 4 Add a question element
The top section of the quiz can contain multiple question elements. Text, symbols, rhythms, etc.
1 Click on '+ Element'
Click Plus
2 Choose the type of element
Here we're choosing Rhythm.
Choose Element
3 Configure the element, then press the Tick
We've changed the system to Line, and selected a single quarter note as the rhythm.
Configure Element
4 All done!
There are now two elements in the question section: some text and a rhythm.
Guide 5 Remove an element
1 Click the trashcan next to the element
Click the Trashcan
2 Confirm using the Tick
3 All done!
You can remove other types of elements in the same way, in both the question and answer sections.
Guide 6 Modify and add answers
Edit Answers
This works the same as it does for the question. Click the + Answer button to add an answer.
There's one extra need: setting whether an answer is correct.
1 Click the circle to toggle correctness
A coloured circle means the answer is right.
Set Answer Correct
You can make multiple answers correct.
Guide 7 Add a page
Each question needs a page, so this is how to add a question.
1 Click '+ Page'
Plus Page
2 All done!
A page was added, and we're now on page 2 of 2.
The page is filled with some basic content, as a starting point.
Guide 8 Test your quiz
1 Press Play to try the quiz yourself
Press Play
2 All done!
The quiz is shown as your students will see it. Pick an answer to see that it works right.
Trying the quiz
You can switch back to editing with the Edit button.
Guide 9 Publish your quiz
The previous guides created and modified a draft quiz. A draft is only visible to you.
To share with your students, you have to publish the quiz.
Note 1: Currently you can not edit a published quiz, so please check your draft before publishing.
Note 2: Anyone with the link will be able to see and do your quiz.
1 Press Publish
Once you're happy with your quiz, press publish.
Press Publish
2 Check the notes, and press the Tick
Press the Tick
3 All done!
The quiz is now published and you can share the link with your students.