Embed the Rhythm Generator in your own webpage
If you're able to edit your website, you can add 4four's random rhythm generator in a few steps.
1 Go to the Generator
2 Press the Setup Button Setup
3 Choose the options you need.
You can test your choices by pressing OK, and then going back to the Setup page.
4 Press the Link Button Link
This will save your setup with a unique number.
5 Note the exercise text.
It's at the end of the links. Here's an example:
6 Insert an iframe with the exercise text.
Add this snippet to your page's HTML. Replace the exercise number with the text from step 4.
<iframe   src="https://4four.io/embed/rhythm/generator/q8ndl "   width="600" height="660"   frameborder="0">  <a href="https://4four.io/start/q8ndl ">    Rhythm Generator  </a> </iframe>
7 Go to your page.
Open your page in a browser. The generator should be there, like this:
8 All done!