News: Q1 2023

A look at the bigger updates.
January, February and March 2023.
Add your name to your Exercises
Ex with Teacher Name
To enable: Edit the exercise and set Show Teacher to yes.
Dotted Quarter Note Eighth Note
There's a new rhythm for simple metre: a dotted quarter note followed by an eighth note. Available in all trainers and the Generator.
Squash the view on the Students page
Squash button on Students page
Hides all the details so you can see your students in a compact list.
Note Identification Bingo
Match staff notes instead of rhythms.
Game of Note Bingo
See the How To for instructions.
Bingo variation: first to collect all
In this variation the player must cross off every box on the card.
Bingo Setup: Goal
The All tag spreads
Teachers have always been able to filter by the special tag "All" on the Students page. Now the All tag is also available on the Tags page.