What's been happening here at 4four.
Quizzes: archive and duplicate.
Sharing links added under published quizzes.
On small screens: compact home page buttons.
Updown: Choose interval sizes ↑↓→
Key Name Pick: Fixed issue with saving.
Take a closer look: July to September
New staff options: Alto and Tenor
New quiz symbols: Caesura Fermata C Clef
Quizzes: Added Alto and Tenor to key signatures
New rhythms: 1x8rd1x16n and 1x16n1x8rd
Settings page: Fixed Show Teacher On Exercises.
Timer added to Metronome
Notation trainer Updown is ready.
Take a closer look: April to June
Login page improvements.
More grooves in the drum machine.
In the Lab: Build the Groove.
New Drummer instrument: cowbell.
Touch improvements in the Xylophones.
Volume controls: click icon to mute.
Per track actions in the Drum Machine.
Note Bingo got pianos.
New Pro feature: style your avatar.
The virtual piano graduates from the Lab.
Fixed an error with the Dice embedding.
New: Mix notes and names in Note Bingo questions.
Terms of Service: added link to data subprocessors.
Take a closer look: January to March
For teachers: Quiz How To
Tap the tempo in the Metronome Tap
In the Lab: first Interval Trainer.
For teachers: add your name to your Exercises.
Neater quiz dialogs.
New rhythm: Dotted Quarter Note Eighth Note 1x4nd1x8n
New Note Bingo option: Octave Matching. Setup
Minor updates to the Terms of Service.
For teachers: a pervasive All tag.
Improved adder in Soup.
New Bingo variation: first to collect all. Setup
For teachers: squash the view on the Students page.
Faster page loading.
Metronome gets link sharing.
New for /8: dotted quarter notes.
For teachers: Shuffle and archive tagged students.
Improved connect to teacher page.
Soup: Added tutorials, loop start/stop button and loop editing.
Beat guides follow answer in Bar Ear and Eye.
Better sequencing in compound metre.
Clearer compound metre beat guide.
Soup gets finger drummer loops.
Soup supports the Tempo Generator.
New tool: Tempo Generator
For teachers: archive your Exercises.
New: account deletion.
Improved storage internals.
All trainers: Simpler rhythm palette for 6/8.
All trainers: Initial support for 6/8.
Generator: added Beats Per Whole Note option.
New in Metronome: tempo progression.
Added a key signature trainer.
New quiz element: Key Signatures G
Groove Soup got keyboard support for Xylos and Frum.
Improved calibration steps in clap trainers.
New in the Lab: an online Piano.
Pin rhythms in the Generator. Pin
Tempo Tap now has options. Setup
Ploop got a shapes mode. Shapes
2d is now called Groove Soup.
Faster image loading.
2d supports the Xylophones, with looping.
2d: Hide and remove each app in its menu
New: online mallet instruments. Orff!
New trainer: Call and Clap
Sight trainers offer grand staff.
Better clap detection in Clap It.
For teachers: Manage tags.
Sight trainers offer bass clef.
For teachers: Assign exercises to classes.
Piano Pick: match piano and staff notes.
Multiple octaves in Name Pick.
Name Pick: identify note names on the staff.
Added setting Time Format.
Introducing 2d, a mini jam studio.
New Metronome instrument: silence.
For teachers: edit and duplicate your exercises.
New Bingo option: Beats Between Rhythms.
Groove Memory graduates from lab.
Link text is clearer.
New class game: Rhythm Bingo.
First Frequently Asked Question.
Maintenance update.
Fullscreen buttons and better landscape support in tools.
New Pro feature: export all scores.
Pro accounts.
Added redundancy after outage.
Up to four dice now possible.
oEmbed support added.
New trainer: Rolling Tap.
New quiz elements: Symbols Segno Neutral
More instruments in the trainer options.
New Generator play mode: Keep
New in the Lab: a Bass Guitar.
Basic /8 support now available in most trainers.
Embed Generator and Drummer in your webpage.
Embed Ploop or the Metronome in your webpage.
Cleaner setup pages.
Drum machine: adjust settings on the fly.
Ploop and Metronome can now be installed.
Beeper: better volume and envelope controls.
Metronome revamp: volume, visual, new instruments.
Load time improvements.
Ploop got instrument and volume controls.
New tool: Ploop, for exploring polyrhythms.
New notation option: Line.
Quizzes are live.
New trainer: Rhythament.
New page: Settings.
In the Lab: Three new trainers.
New for teachers: remove tags.
More Rock grooves in the Drummer.
Create your own sequences in the Generator.
In the Lab: Two new trainers.
Foot tapping warmup added to Step by Step.
In the Lab: More tunes for Tap the Beat.
The Beeper got an envelope.
Added notation system: Eastman.
New for teachers: Tagging students.
New for teachers: Student archive.
The Drummer got grooves.
New trainer: Odd One Out.
New page: Teacher Intro.
New feature: Resize the Generator.
Play and Setup buttons got icons: Play Setup
...many updates...